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You have spent time, money and likely a few sleepless nights building a successful business. The cost in hiring, training, retention and seating a qualified Logistics Manager does not come cheap. For that matter, it may well cost you more having the position vacant.

To decide if on-site management is right for you, imagine that you own a thriving alligator farm in Florida that runs five alligator wrestling programs daily. So far, the alligator wrestlers are all your employees. But a new farm has just moved in across the street. The rules of competition mean you need to expand to ten shows a day – and fast. What’s more, you had better come up with some new strategies that will make your alligator farm stand out. Unfortunately, it’s getting tougher to find and retain enough skilled alligator wrestlers for all the shows you plan, much less do it quickly. So you hire an outsourcing provider that can place highly skilled alligator wrestler’s onsite. The outsource provider is also ready to place other resources onsite at your location – people who have alligator wrestling experience as well as advanced skills. They will support your growth plans and supply ideas for continuous improvement so you can stay a step ahead of competitors.

Service Driven Transport is a true extension of our client and provides this value added service to work as a self-sufficient, fully integrated department within your organization. Several benefits include reduced labor expense, enhanced customer service, improved data analysis, strategic alignment, and decrease of expensive mistakes. You can count on dedicated, experienced professionals equipped with all the right tools. Sounds like a golden opportunity for outsourcing? Service Driven Transport just happens to be here.