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Hurricane Irene –



First – Your crew did a fantastic job!  Kudos to all!  We appreciate the support and the follow through with each and every load. I’ve made notes from your crews work to share with others as to how it should be done!

Please scan and forward all invoices ASAP. I would like to get them passed for payment before the next storm! “


Best regards,

Deb Grahe

Transportation Coordinator

IAP Worldwide Services /Global Emergency Services

413 Western Lane

Irmo, SC 29063


Transportation expense doesn’t always have to break the bank –


“Dear Paul

We receive your company email suggesting that all trucking companies are not created equal. You are right. Your persistence and patience to execute these trucks at prices we could afford  and had used in our calculation, is very much appreciated. There are few who would try so hard.

In today’s world in any business I think the quality of service and customers knowing they are valuable and looked after professionally and efficiently is something not all companies can achieve.

Satisfied customers will return, so you will see us again very soon. Very much appreciated, thank you to you and Randy and your whole team, good job!”


Sandra Tung

Lactoland USA

Palm Springs, Ca.