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7PL is used to describe a turnkey solution where instead of dealing with several people for various services like inbound, outbound and warehousing; our clients have a single source under one roof. The concept is one logistics service provider delivers the client with both 3PL and 4PL services. Understanding the role and competencies of each entity is necessary in order to truly appreciate the kind of “hyper-value” created by 7PL. The main difference between 3PLs and 4PLs – the 3PL targets a single function or perhaps two whereas the 4PL manages the entire process. (3PL + 4PL = 7PL)

Our clients take advantage of resources and skills defined by that of a 3PL with a progressive option of serving as your 4PL. Our assets further complement the 3PL approach while our technology and entire supply chain management lend to the role of a 4PL. Even if you already have a 3PL inside your network, we can manage that provider, eliminate bottle necks and further find efficiencies that most 3PL’s never even considered.

In the simplest form, Service Driven Transport flawlessly executes the functions of a 3PL. Across the country or around the block, cross the border or around the world; Service Driven Transport has the right equipment, at the right price and at the right time. With over 30,000 carriers under contract including the largest fleets in North America right down to the stand alone independent, we have garnered reduction in cost, upwards of 20%, for our clients. Utilizing volume driven incentives, continuous cross-client moves, backhaul opportunity and more, our leverage is your gain. Temperature control, ambient, flatbed, specialized, warehousing and everything in between; both truckload and LTL, our vast amount of equipment and facility access ensures your, “on demand,” success. Over the road, air, rail, overseas, along with both short and long term storage capacity; no shipment is too difficult and no product untouchable. Transportation is nothing new for us and our leadership team works relentlessly to complete your objectives with exceptional results. We may not be the cheapest, neither are we the most expensive however, our customers can attest, we deliver on our promises.

Choosing to exercise our 4PL alternative of end to end supply chain management (SCM) is a decision that typically brings a 10-15% decrease of cost in your overall supply chain. In short, SDT Solutions begins with compiling and analyzing client data; centering our attention on vital signs that include consumer demand, sales market (both current and emerging), procurement and distribution trends, production, safety stock and replenishment cycles. Moreover, encompassing a strategic emphasis that aligns with overall initiatives, set forth by the client. External forces and variable influences shadow the process as we proceed with mapping the data utilizing our state-of-art software. After we have created a solid blueprint, our seasoned experts take to the sourcing application and your best in class network is structured. Only after we have proven methodology and proof of concept does implementation begin.