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Your supply chain is unique and evolving. It is also vulnerable and increasingly complex. Supply chains have seen record recalls—just ask Samsung about its phones and washing machines, Volkswagen about its diesel engines. It isn’t just tech products and regulatory cheating; the food, toy, and pharmaceutical industries have long had a trend of increasing recalls. Much of the blame results from increasing complexity of supply chains.

The past few decades saw a revolution in lean manufacturing. But that’s just the beginning. Proliferation of SKUs and shrinking order sizes has been a trend for decades now, but it is getting ready to go into overdrive. The advent of technologies like self-driving transportation and drones mean that it will soon be affordable to design and produce an order size of one and to have it delivered quickly for a wide range of products. Expect increasing downward pressures on inventory levels as the year progresses.

As industries have become more closely tied together, they have also found it more difficult to keep up with the huge volume of safety, environmental, performance, ethical, and other standards that society expects, especially when they must manage these standards across multiple entities or worse across many countries.

While these are just a few examples many industries face, at the end of the day, you must compete in the market and decisions must drive profits. Your clients expect fulfillment as they have ordered and nothing less. Your supply chain must be flexible and all levels will have to become lean in order to adapt quickly. Best practice and proof of concept must be conclusive. Processes and organizations need to be redesigned, sometimes radically, in order to simplify interactions.

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